11 High-Fiber Lunches That Keep You Full
										With at least 9 grams in each meal, RDs say these fiber-filled lunches are a healthy choice.

11 High-Fiber Lunches That Keep You Full With at least 9 grams in each meal, RDs say these fiber-filled lunches are a healthy choice.

Everyone needs fiber. It keeps you regular, aids in digestive health, fuels a healthy gut microbiome, helps manage blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, and can even help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. On top of all of these benefits, eating meals high in fiber can also help keep you full and satisfied until your next meal because fiber can slow down your body’s rate of digestion. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get enough fiber in your daily diet because many processed foods on the market or food you’d find at fast-food and chain restaurants are low in this nutrient. If you’re aiming to get more daily fiber and finding it difficult, focusing on eating a high-fiber lunch can be a good place to start.

But how much fiber would you need in a “high-fiber lunch?” The recommendations for how much daily fiber you need vary, but the standard suggestion is that women aim for at least 25 grams per day and men aim for 38. If you’re eating three meals a day and some snacks in between, that’s about 8-12 grams of fiber per meal to reach the recommended daily amounts.

It’s one thing to be aware of how much fiber you should aim for, but a lot of times the difficulty comes from not knowing how to incorporate this nutrient into your meals. For some help, we talked with a couple of registered dietitians to get their creative ideas for high-fiber lunches that can help you achieve your daily nutrient goals and feel more full until your next meal. Read on, and for more healthy eating tips, check out 65 Best Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss.

Black Bean Burrito Bowl with Farro


For an easy lunch that will give you around 14 grams of fiber, Lisa Young, PhD, RDN suggests a farro-based bowl with black beans. Farro is a whole grain with a slightly nutty flavor that provides natural fiber, and black beans provide both fiber and protein for extra staying power. The peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and balsamic vinaigrette also give this bowl plenty of flavor.

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Vegan “Tuna” Salad

Fiber: 16 grams


Green Goddess Sandwich

A classic tuna salad sandwich is a great lunch choice, but if you want to mimic some of the textures and seasonings while making it plant-based and more fiber-filled, Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN suggests turning your tuna salad into a chickpea salad sandwich.

“Mash all the ingredients except for the bread together, then serve between two slices of bread,” says Manaker. You’ll get a hearty dose of fiber from the chickpeas, avocado, and whole-grain bread slices.

Fiber: 9 grams


Enjoy a refreshing, flavorful green goddess sandwich and get a fiber boost at the same time. Make the dressing by combining chives, yogurt, mayo, and freshly squeezed lemon, and spread it onto two slices of whole grain bread. Slice your veggies and place them on your sandwich for a fiber-heavy treat.

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