12 Lactose-Free Yogurts You'll Love
										Just because you cant have lactose doesn't mean you can't enjoy a deliciously creamy yogurt.

12 Lactose-Free Yogurts You'll Love Just because you cant have lactose doesn't mean you can't enjoy a deliciously creamy yogurt.

Take a walk down the yogurt aisle in your neighborhood grocery store and there are a myriad of yogurts to choose from. The explosion of options in the yogurt category is great news for shoppers who can consume dairy without any issues. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, it is estimated that 68 percent of the world’s population has difficulty digesting lactose, the primary sugar that is found in milk and milk products. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance or you just notice some unpleasant digestive issues after a creamy dish or slice of cheese, there are plenty of options of lactose-free yogurt to choose from.

There are two ways lactose-free individuals can enjoy yogurt. The first is by shopping for a plant-based yogurt that is made with nut, seed, or soy “milk”. These yogurts naturally contain zero lactose. The second option is to shop for what is labeled as a “lactose-free” yogurt, meaning the product is dairy based but does not contain lactose. This is made possible by adding lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose directly to the yogurt.

Yogurts that are lactose-free and made from dairy tend to be higher in protein and retain the creamy mouth-feel compared to their plant-based counterparts. Whether you are looking for something new or just found out you are lactose-intolerant, this list is a mix of both plant-based and lactose-free dairy yogurts that are tasty and nutritious.

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Cocojune is an organic coconut-based yogurt that is rich in science-backed probiotics. Utilizing specific strains from a leading Danish culture bank, Cocojune uses research-backed bacteria like “BB-12” and “LA-5” to ensure their yogurt is not only safe for your gut, but great for it. The plain flavor is free of added sugars and is made up of only four organic ingredients.

A note about coconut yogurt: although it is tasty and very creamy, coconuts are high in saturated fat, so coconut yogurt might be best consumed a couple times a week, as opposed to daily, to keep saturated fat intake low.

Loved by many for their kombucha, GT’s launched a coconut-based yogurt a few years ago. GT’s Cocoyo is a fermented, non-dairy yogurt that is said to have two young Thai coconuts per jar. One serving has 100 billion probiotics (at the time of bottling) and zero grams of added sugar. Every flavor of Cocoyo is free of added sugars, however, only the plain flavor is free of stevia. One of the lowest in calories on this list, consuming Cocoyo alone may not keep you full. Pair this yogurt with your favorite fruit, seeds, and granola to make it a more complete meal.

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Siggi’s is another coconut-based yogurt but, compared to a few of the other coconut yogurts, this product has way more protein per serving. Siggi adds pea protein to their yogurt to boost the protein content, making this one of the more filling dairy-free products on this list. All of Siggi’s dairy-free yogurts contain added sugar but the plain flavor contains the least amount of added sugar (4 grams compared to 7 or 9 grams).

Many prefer the texture of Greek yogurt to conventional yogurts and fortunately, even if you are lactose-free, you can still enjoy the thicker texture that comes with Greek yogurt. Kite Hill’s Greek Style Plain Yogurt is very similar nutritionally to its dairy counterpart. One serving contains a whopping 17 grams of protein, only 4 grams of carbs, and very little fat. Almond milk is the base for this yogurt and the protein comes from soy protein isolate. This yogurt is a great choice for breakfast, or it makes for a good protein source to add to a smoothie.

Painterland Sisters is a women-owned company using organic dairy from their family farm in Pennsylvania. This is a dairy-based yogurt made with whole-fat, organic milk and is an Icelandic style of yogurt known as “skyr,” which is rich in probiotics, high in protein (18 grams per serving), and low in sugar.

Lactase is added to the skyr, and ultra-filtration is used to remove lactose, making this yogurt safe to be enjoyed by those with lactose intolerance or for those looking to cut back on lactose. Currently, there are five flavors available, but the plain contains no added sugars.

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