15 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers
										Start your feast off right with these easy and delicious Thanksgiving appetizers.

15 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers Start your feast off right with these easy and delicious Thanksgiving appetizers.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re the one hosting this year, you’re probably scrambling to lock your holiday menu in place so that you can begin the shopping and prep work. Most people have a full-on feast for the Thanksgiving holiday, which means they have to prepare a menu that consists of the main course—usually turkey or ham (or both)—along with sides, dessert, and drinks like wine, cocktails, or coffee. And if you’re really wanting to go above and beyond this season, you can add in a Thanksgiving appetizer or two as well.

The perfect appetizer for your Thanksgiving feast won’t be too heavy or rich and will be light enough to help guests save room for the main course. It’s also ideal to find appetizers that are quick and easy to make, especially ones that don’t require any cooking or baking since you’ll already have your hands—and oven—full with the other parts of the dinner.

Read on for some ideas for easy Thanksgiving appetizers that will please a small group or large crowd. Then check out these 25 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes That Your Guests Will Gobble Up.

Roasted nuts

Try our recipe for Spice Roasted Nuts.

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Deviled eggs are a classic appetizer, and they’re easy enough to make that they won’t add stress to your Thanksgiving meal plan. We also love that deviled eggs are so versatile, so you can add a variety of different flavor combinations. For instance, you can try a combo like bacon, chipotle pepper, and cayenne for flavors that will have your guests craving more.

Deviled eggs

Get our recipe for Smoky Deviled Eggs with Bacon.

A great way to impress your guests with very little effort at all is to throw together some of your own hummus. Yes, you can buy the store-bought kind, but you can’t beat the taste of hummus that is homemade. Serve with some pita or vegetables to

Hummus and pita

Get our recipe for Simple Homemade Hummus.

Cheese balls make for the perfect appetizer when you’re overwhelmed with planning an elaborate menu because they’re easy to make and don’t require any cooking—which means you can save your oven for the turkey. Our Pistachio and Cranberry Cheese Ball calls for only five ingredients: Pistachios, cranberries, parsley, cream cheese, and goat cheese.

Get our recipe for Pistachio and Cranberry Cheese Ball.

When you need to make an appetizer for a group, you can never go wrong with preparing a big bowl of salad. For a salad that goes well with a holiday meal, try ingredients like fig, prosciutto, pear, and goat cheese.

Try our recipe for Fig, Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Salad, or our Warm Goat Cheese Salad.

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