20 Easy Leftover Chicken Recipes
										Whip up some of these delicious leftover chicken recipes to avoid wasting time, money, and food.

20 Easy Leftover Chicken Recipes Whip up some of these delicious leftover chicken recipes to avoid wasting time, money, and food.

You went to your local grocery store and purchased a rotisserie chicken, but now you’re faced with the problem of having too much and having no idea how to use the leftovers. Or maybe you purchased raw chicken breast and need to cook it up before it goes bad, but are looking for a few creative meal ideas to incorporate what you’ll have leftover afterward.  Either way, if you have a plethora of chicken and want some inspiration for how to use it, you may benefit from some easy leftover chicken recipes.

Having recipe inspiration like this to pull from can benefit you in multiple ways. For one, you’ll be far more excited about your meals if you know it’s going to be more than just plain chicken with a side of vegetables. This excitement can keep you from ordering takeout and spending money when you don’t have to. Another way these chicken recipes can be beneficial is by helping you have more control over what you’re eating. When we eat out, we don’t always know what exactly is going in our bodies, not to mention how the calorie, fat, and sodium content of restaurant food or takeout is often higher than what you would make at home.

So, if you have leftover cooked chicken or remains from the rotisserie you bought, try one of these 20 leftover chicken recipes for dinner tonight. And if you have raw chicken that you won’t have time to cook anytime soon, make sure to read up on How Long You Can Store Chicken in the Freezer.

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One of the most satisfying and comforting leftover chicken recipe is one that involves a creamy pasta. Throw in your leftover chicken plus any vegetables you need to eat before they go bad, and you have a delicious pasta dish in the making.

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If you’re in the mood for a little spice, try this Thai curry recipe using any of the leftover chicken you have. This recipe works best with chicken that is cut up, but you can also use shredded if you’re using rotisserie chicken.

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Whipping up a stir-fry is another simple way to combine any leftovers you have sitting in the fridge, including some leftover chicken. Just toss it in with some veggies, soy sauce, and a chili garlic sauce, and you’ll have a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

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You can enjoy some Louisiana cooking with very little effort, all while using some of the ingredients that have been sitting in your fridge. Just make sure you have your favorite hot sauce standing by so you can make this dish as spicy as you’d like.

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