23 Healthy Foods From Target, Dietitians Say
										Need help shopping for healthy food at Target? We've got you covered.

23 Healthy Foods From Target, Dietitians Say Need help shopping for healthy food at Target? We've got you covered.

While stocking up on toothpaste, deodorant, and affordable underwear, you may as well push your cart a few aisles over and pick up fixings for dinner. Target, your go-to big box store for clothing and household goods, rivals the grocery store for quality food at reasonable prices—and it’s not all processed junk, canned and shelf-stable boxed stuff. In fact, Target carries a bountiful assortment of healthy food options that even dietitians enjoy.

“Target is loaded with many nutritious and healthy foods for the health-minded,” says registered dietitian Mary Wirtz, RD, a certified sports dietitian, and consultant for Mom Loves Best. “You can get fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like chicken tenderloin, lean beef, eggs, tofu, ground turkey, pork tenderloin, whole grains, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and lots of plant-based alternatives, like soy milk, oat milk coffee creamer, even plant-based cheese.”

Many registered dietitians agree and frequent Target for their grocery shopping. Here are 25 of their favorite healthy foods they shop for at Targé. And while you’re stocking up, keep an eye out for these Best Snacks to Buy at Target for Weight Loss.

Canned beans are nutrient-rich with protein, fiber, folate, magnesium, and iron. What’s more, they’re versatile, shelf-stable and make a great last-minute meal option when cooked with healthy grains like brown rice and quinoa, or with pasta.

“I like to mash canned beans with seasonings, herbs, and spices to make a dip,” says Burdeos. “Serve it with veggie sticks, whole grain crackers or toast, or pita bread.”

Dietitians typically shun frozen dinners like this because they are highly processed, but this meal doesn’t contain the preservatives and unpronounceable chemicals of other heat-and-serve meals.

“This certified Halal, gluten-free chicken tikka masala is simmered with tandoori spices and packed with authentic flavor,” says Mia Syn, MS, RD. “The chicken was raised without antibiotics; the meal provides 17 grams of satisfying protein and only 2 grams of saturated fat out of 9 total grams of fat.”


Oatmeal is a great source of soluble fiber and a versatile and nutrient dense ingredient.

“Bob’s Red Mill Quick Oats are a staple in my pantry and I use them for everything from a classic oatmeal bowl to baked goods or in smoothies,” says Kristen Nicolai, MS RD, owner of Nutrition By Kristen. “While oats are naturally gluten-free, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal is ensured gluten-free through their rigorous reviews and testing, making it a safe choice for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances.”

Cereals are generally a good deal at Target, and you can occasionally find them on sale. Just don’t get distracted by all the sugary cereals.

“Look for cereals with less than 10 grams sugar and more than 3 grams fiber per serving,” advises registered dietitian nutritionist Elisa Bremner, MS, RDN, CDN, founder of Green Bites. “Heritage flakes are so delicious, and they really stay crunchy in milk.  For a quick breakfast, I’ll have some Heritage Flakes with Ripple (pea milk, also available at Target) and sliced banana.”

Good & Gather replaced Target’s largest owned food and beverage grand Archer Farms in 2019. Wirtz enjoys eating the brand’s edamame with its whole grain brown rice.

“I microwave the edamame and rice serve it alongside the air-fried chicken breast for a well-balanced meal that is ready in less than 15 minutes,” says Wirtz. “The edamame is a tasty snack or high-protein, plant-based addition to any meal.”

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