6 Dietitian-Approved Recipes for ‘Girl Dinner’
										Everyone is talking about 'Girl Dinner,' a new class of meal that's taking the internet by storm.

6 Dietitian-Approved Recipes for ‘Girl Dinner’ Everyone is talking about 'Girl Dinner,' a new class of meal that's taking the internet by storm.

Snack plates have officially been rebranded as “girl dinner,” and people everywhere are hopping on this trend and sharing their creations. Girl dinners are a no-prep, snack-plate style meal that is taking TikTok by storm, and this is one viral food trend that registered dietitians can get behind.

“This has to be my favorite diet trend to ever grace the internet because it gives people permission to make nourishment easy,” says Miranda Galati, MHSc, RD, registered dietitian and founder of Real Life Nutritionist.

“Girl dinner is about doing what you can to keep yourself fed, even if that means throwing a random assortment of foods on a plate. The spirit of the trend is ease and permission. Girl dinner lets us embrace our lazy moments and make food choices that support that. And as a balanced dietitian who believes in sustainable diets over unrealistic trends, I’m in full support,” she adds.

Are girl dinners healthy?

Comprised of small bites and minimal prep, girl dinners have people wondering—Are they actually good for you?

“From a nutrition perspective, this trend is awesome because it can be as nutrient-dense or not-so-nutrient-dense as you want it to be,” Galati explains.

“Women face a lot of pressure to adopt the ‘perfect’ diet and make everything from scratch. Girl dinner is about everything but perfection. The easier girl dinner is, the better. And if you want to add some filling nutrition to your plate too, you’ll only benefit,” she adds.

How to build a balanced girl dinner

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“Snack plates are a really great way to build a balanced meal that’s nutritious, satisfying, and fun! Especially if you’re someone who likes ‘snacky’ food like cheese and crackers or charcuterie boards, it can be a really fun way to mix things up,” says Jamie Nadeau, RD.

Dietitian-Approved ‘Girl Dinner’ Ideas

“But, there are some important things to consider when you’re building a snack plate, especially if you’re eating it as a full meal,” she explains.

Here are some tips to follow when crafting your own girl dinner to make sure it’s as healthy and well-balanced as it can be.

Keep reading to learn exactly which girl dinner recipes these dietitians approve of, so you can make your own special snack plate tonight.

Girl dinners don’t have to be a small, sad assortment of foods. They can be nourishing, convenient, and fun! I like to call these a “meal of snacks” with clients. Try to include sources of protein, fat, fiber, and produce, and you can make a meal out of just about anything.

Charcuterie is famously known for being a beautiful meat and cheese board that feeds a crowd, but we think you can make it work in single-serving style, too. Chelsea Jackle, MFN, RDN LD shares her favorite dietitian-approved recipe with us.

Charcuterie Girl Dinner recipe:

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