7 Worst Breads to Eat for Inflammation
										Always opt for more fiber in your bread.

7 Worst Breads to Eat for Inflammation Always opt for more fiber in your bread.

Bread certainly gets a bad rap, but it isn’t always warranted. While there are plenty of healthy breads you can find at the grocery store that are less processed, there is an abundance of ultra-processed breads that can lead to weight gain.

Refined, ultra-processed breads are low in fiber, high in simple carbs, can contain added sugar, and many are made with inflammatory additives like vegetable oils or preservatives. If you’re someone who is concerned about inflammation or is trying to lower inflammation in your body, it’s worth knowing which loaves of bread to avoid buying as too many processed carbs can lead to inflammatory responses over time.

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“This bread has eight grams of added sugars, which can contribute to inflammation. Eating too much added sugar is not helpful for inflammation in the body,” says Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN, author at Fit Healthy Momma.

“This long-loved white bread was one of the first breads on store shelves, as early as 1921. Its wonder qualities end there, considering the inflammatory nature of its refined carbohydrates. It is processed in such a way that the body processes it quickly, causes an inflammatory reaction, and a glucose spike that leaves consumers feeling hungry shortly after eating,” says Best.

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“Fiber acts as a prebiotic for healthy gut bacteria by feeding this bacteria and keeping the gut in balance. When gut bacteria are out of balance, inflammation can begin to increase steadily in the body. Bread should be a source of fiber and whole grains, which feed the healthy bacteria and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Sunbeam provides only .5 grams of fiber for 2 slices,” says Best.

This bread slice might be sweet and delicious, but each slice comes with seven grams of added sugar and very little fiber, making it one of the worst choices for trying to manage inflammation.

There are six grams of added sugar and 210 milligrams of sodium in just one slice of this honey white, with only one gram of fiber. Consuming larger amounts of added sugar on a regular basis can contribute to more inflammation in the body.

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This Pepperidge Farm Multigrain bread is on the list because even though you may assume “multigrain” automatically means “healthy,” but that’s not necessarily true with this slice. In each slice, you’ll consume 220 milligrams of sodium, five grams of added sugar, and only one gram of fiber. Opt for a multigrain that contains more fiber and less sugar to help lower inflammation.

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