8 Healthiest McDonald’s Orders
										Those golden arches may actually have a few nutritious options on their menu.

8 Healthiest McDonald’s Orders Those golden arches may actually have a few nutritious options on their menu.

You’ve got errands to run, kids to pick up from sports practice, and a looming work project due this week, but you are already mentally fatigued from cooking this week. Then you drive past a McDonald’s. Today would be a great day to take advantage of hot fast food and the comfort it provides, but you pause. Is there anything healthy to eat at McDonald’s? What are some of the healthiest McDonald’s orders you could theoretically place?

Fast food chains focus on foods that are quick, tasty, and affordable. Three flavorful food components that excite our tastebuds include fat, salt, and sugar. It’s crucial to look for moderation when it comes to your restaurant picks and the amounts of these added ingredients you find in their menu items.

Keep in mind that one meal doesn’t define an eating pattern. Eating well most of the time with infrequent treats and indulgences (including fast food meals) does not dismantle a healthy diet.

An opportunity to fit in both fruit and oatmeal for a fast-food breakfast is why this meal ranks high. Pair it up with a zero-calorie hydrating water to complete the meal.

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When deciding between the healthiest McDonald’s orders available, the Egg McMuffin® is one of your best bets for breakfast. This breakfast sandwich comes in at 3 grams less saturated fat than Sausage McGriddles® and 7 grams less saturated fat than a Sausage Biscuit.

The McDonald’s Sausage Burrito contains vegetables (tomatoes, green chiles, and onions), while fruit and milk provide some natural sweetness to the meal.

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If you’re craving nuggets, this 10-piece order will pair it up with fruit via apple slices and a tea option that doesn’t include sweetener.

Most McDonald’s meals do well when amplified with a low-fat milk, which adds 8 grams of protein. Also, the McChicken is the lowest sodium chicken sandwich option on the McDonald’s menu by 490 milligrams!

McDonald’s well-known Filet-O-Fish® sandwich can be enjoyed with a latte. The McCafé® latte has no added sugar and only contains three ingredients: milk, espresso, and water.

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Happy Meals® do a terrific job of giving you a taste of all your favorites, but with moderate portions. This results in lower calories, making it one of our top recommendations at McDonald’s.

This meal is the highest protein Happy Meal®, coming in at 24 grams of protein. At 475 calories, this should be a satisfying amount of food for lunchtime.

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