A Perfect Vintage | Film Threat

A Perfect Vintage | Film Threat

Vintage perfect celebrates Troy Christian’s solo effort to turn the dancer. It follows a handful of producers, buyers, and others who take audiences through the entire wine-making process. While it may seem like a special thing that will only appeal to certain members of the audience, the filmmaker makes it attractive in general.

After laying down some basic work, Christian then divides the documentary into wine-making steps: harvesting, crushing / crushing, copying, lightening, aged, and bottling. Here are winemakers Timothy Milos, Angelina Mondavi, Sam Kaplan, Elizabeth Vianna, sommelier Christopher Sawyer, and vintner (wine merchant, not just manufacturer) Ron Harber, among many others, explaining how the weather and the soil affect the vines. Hearing them describe the perfect tasty grape, which is how to make sure they are ready for harvest, it brings mouth watering.

“…bring[s] audience through the whole wine-making process. ”

I do not drink, but two or three times a year. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing, but for me, most alcohol tastes like a sour swelling. While this may make it seem like I’m less than the best demographic for Vintage perfect, that is not true. But credit is due to Christians and cinematographers Tom Graves (who was also the editor) and Casey Stoll, for capturing the various wineries beautifully. The trio triumphantly make grape sit on a vine something to surprise. Some of the wineries on display include Harber Family Vineyards, Beekeeper Cellars, and Arkenstone, and the uniqueness of each is highlighted, so visually, things don’t get old.

The interviewees are also lively, and clearly enjoy their opportunity to go on and on about their passion. That passion comes through in spades, especially when Milos is on screen. Hearing these winemakers and connoisseurs explain why some people think that wine from time to time “tastes like a wet stone” is funny and informative.

Vintage perfect an educational look at all it takes to make your favorite wines. It is also a reflection of the passion that consecrated people pour into each bottle, which is captured by humor and heart. Christian also makes sure the documentary is visually appealing, meaning there is a little something for everyone, even for those who don’t like most wine.

For more information, visit the officer Vintage perfect website.

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