How Celebs Decked Out Their Holiday Tables in '22
										Celebrities around the world enjoyed their holiday festivities surrounded by friends, family, and food.

How Celebs Decked Out Their Holiday Tables in '22 Celebrities around the world enjoyed their holiday festivities surrounded by friends, family, and food.

In some ways, it’s true what they say: Celebrities really are just like us. Yes, they often have more money, access, and opportunity than the average person, but celebrities still celebrate the holidays by finding time to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life, just like we do. Also just like us, they often take to social media to share the details of their lives and holiday festivities with fans and followers.

With the 2022 holiday season coming to a close, celebs found their own unique ways of marking Christmas weekend and the end of the year. Some chose to stay in and have a quaint dinner with family, while others took this time to throw a celebratory party. But one thing that many of them had in common is that they made sure to celebrate with their favorite foods around the holiday dinner table.

Here are what some of our favorite celeb holiday tables looked like. Read on, try these New Year’s Eve Food Traditions To Make 2023 Your Luckiest Year Yet.

On December 26, 2022, Lopez shared two photos on her Instagram. The first is of JLo in a collared blue dress with red flowers and red bows, standing in front of a dinner table decorated with red and green foliage and classic red candles and glassware. The second is of Lopez standing next to her Christmas tree, which decorated with blue and gold ornaments, as well as what appears to be gold and silver hummingbirds.

In Lopez’s newsletter, On The JLo, the celeb explained that this year’s holiday theme was about hummingbirds.

“To me, hummingbirds are messengers of love […] They’re also the fastest bird but they always have time to stop, eat something sweet and smell the roses. I identify with them, but more than anything whenever I see one, I feel like it’s a sign from God that everything is going to be OK,” writes Lopez.

Al Roker, beloved weather anchor and long-standing face of the Today Show, has been battling many health issues over the years. Roker was diagnosed with Prostate cancer two years ago, has had multiple hip and knee surgeries, and most recently has been battling with blood clot issues that had him hospitalized this past November.

These health issues have caused Roker to take a step back from the Today Show, and it was the first time in decades that he was not present for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the tree lighting ceremony at the Rockefeller Center.

Roker’s absence is what made his Instagram posts on Christmas all the more special, as fans got to see his smiling face among family members and plenty of good food. In one post, he’s seated at the table with his family, all of whom are in matching Peanuts Christmas pajamas. In the caption, he writes, “From our family to yours, #merrychristmas.”

In another post, Roker shares some more detailed photos of the food he and his family enjoyed for Christmas breakfast. On a red tablecloth are dishes full of a vegetable frittata, an arugula salad, bacon, and frosted cinnamon buns made by Roker’s eldest daughter, Courtney.

And for Christmas dinner, the Roker family enjoyed ham, brown rice, asparagus, and a salad. In his caption, Roker tagged @snakeriverfarms as a shoutout for where he got this delicious looking ham.

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With a decades-long career as a chef and television personality, and host of a thriving food-centered talk show since 2006, Rachel Ray was certainly a celeb whose holiday spread we were excited to see. And while we didn’t get to see the whole table or feast, we did get a glimpse into the gourmet dinner Ray and her family enjoyed.

Ray posted three photos to her Instagram the day after Christmas, all of which were centered around her “roast pork loin with calvados fennel and herbs.” Also pictured are the colorful side dishes and juicy gravy. Ray’s caption reads, “Our small Christmas supper for 5: Fruit and nut rice pilaf in roasted pumpkin with vadovan spice + roast pork loin w calvados fennel and herbs. Roasted apples and onions w white wine and thyme + roasted rainbow carrots with chestnut honey. And, of course…pan gravy.”

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