Linoleum | Film Threat

Linoleum | Film Threat

SXSW Film Festival Review 2022! Colin West sci-fi drama, Linoleum, one of those stories that takes you deep into the life of its main character before you wipe it all off. Jim Gaffigan stars as Cameron, host of a failing children’s science show. Unfortunately, like his work, Cameron’s life also falls apart. He is in the early stages of divorce from his wife, Erin (Rhea Seehorn), and his daughter, Nora (Katelyn Nacon), has little respect for him.

While releasing some posts, a car falls out of the sky, and behind the wheel is the famous astronaut Kent Armstrong (also played by Jim Gaffigan). Kent arrives in town to take over Cameron’s television show and take with him his son, Marc (Gabriel Rush). The boy has a close relationship with Nora and Cameron takes on a more paternalistic role.

Everything changes when a rocket engine crashes out of the air. After the government investigates the crash and declares the crash area safe, Cameron decides hell with everything and rebuilds it with the help of his aging father, Mac (Roger Hendricks Simon). Cameron undertakes this foolish attempt to finally fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut.

“Everything changes when rocket engine falling out of the air. ”

Story a Linoleum it’s about reconnection. For Cameron, this pipe dream of going into space is the motivator he needs to reconnect with the people in his life who have slowly moved away… that’s all . Finding his commitment again in the pursuit of a childhood dream brings new life to Cameron, and his subtle dream may not be so subtle after all.

But, before you know it, everything will change as a West writer / director’s film becomes a compelling and moving film about finding joy and satisfaction in your life. Gaffigan shines like a Cameron and shows another side of himself in Kent. Basically, Jim Gaffigan plays against polar himself. Cameron is cheerful, knowledgeable, and optimistic as hell. Kent, on the other hand, is disciplined, orderly, and completely abusive to his son. His performance feels like they took on his stand-up action and performed an extraordinary drama.

Honestly, there’s not much I can say about the end Linoleum, but this is the one you need to experience for yourself. Where the first two acts tell a strange and strange story, the last act comes out of the blue and connects everything in a way that is full of hope and tears.

Linoleum first published at 2022 SXSW Film Festival.

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