The #1 Best Protein Powder Tom Brady Swears By

The #1 Best Protein Powder Tom Brady Swears By

In many ways, Tom Brady seems super human. He has more Super Bowl rings, MVP awards, and game wins than the average person can even keep up with, and as a 44-year old professional athlete he doesn’t yet see an end in sight for his career. But this success doesn’t come without hard work, especially when it comes to Brady’s diet and fitness routines.

Because Brady has spent his entire career dedicated to staying in shape and taking care of his body from the inside out, he is passionate about other people being able to do the same. That’s why he created the TB12, the health and wellness brand co-founded by Brady and his longtime Body Coach Alex Guerrero in 2013, which he started in order to help athletes “extend their time on the field” in a healthy way. TB12 does this through professional Body Coaches, video tutorials, and health-based products.

Of all their products, such as exercise equipment, apparel, and supplements, their plant-based protein powders are some of the most popular. These protein powders are made of pea protein, have very little sugar, and come with complete amino acid profiles.

Similar to their other protein flavors, the new TB12 Cookies and Creme flavor only contains 1 gram of sugar, comes packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, and can be used either before or after a workout! TB12 also only uses sustainably-sourced ingredients and gets all of their materials from US-based farms.

Some people may think that as long as you get the recommend amount of protein, it doesn’t matter when you consume this nutrient. But according to TB12, getting enough protein consistently throughout your day is important for meeting your health and fitness goals. In fact, they recommend eating or drinking protein every four to six hours during the day because this helps your body build more muscle mass.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious AND healthy protein powder to mix into your favorite smoothie or yogurt bowl, you may want to channel your inner Tom Brady and give the new TB12 Cookies and Creme flavor a try!

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