The Most Popular Easter Food in Every State
										From Peeps to hard-boiled eggs, here's what every state is searching for at Eastertime.

The Most Popular Easter Food in Every State From Peeps to hard-boiled eggs, here's what every state is searching for at Eastertime.

When you think of springtime and Easter, what foods come to mind? Hand-painted Easter eggs, maybe a spiral ham and some potato salad? Easter isn’t one of the biggest food holidays of the year—Thanksgiving has a hold on that title—but it’s still a time for eating food that’s a little more special than your everyday fare. Whether you’re cooking roast lamb or stuffing plastic eggs with candy, Easter has plenty of food traditions of its own.

But have you ever wondered whether there are regional factors at play when it comes to Easter food? Are people in, say, California, celebrating the holiday differently from those in the Midwest? We were determined to find out! So when Zippia shared its report on “each state’s favorite Easter treat,” we were intrigued. The jobs website looked at Google Trends data to figure out which states preferred candy and which ones were more likely to stick with traditional hard-boiled eggs.

Methodology: “We defined Easter treats as treats that peak in search volume around Easter. From there, we determined what treat is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state,” Zippia explains in the report. “For example, while New York eats all the candies the rest of the country does, the search interest in ‘Kinder Easter Eggs’ is disproportionately higher than the remaining states—making ‘Kinder Easter Eggs’ more popular in New York than anywhere else.” Zippia collected the Google trends data during a two-week period in the Easter 2020 time frame.

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Alabama keeps its Easter baskets traditional with chocolate bunnies. No shame in their game!

If you’re looking to enter an Easter egg-decorating contest, Alaska is just the place for you.

Arizona joins Alaska in its love for boiled eggs, preferably dyed pretty pastel colors.

Forget regular jelly beans. Arkansas is all about that chewy Starburst life.

Why eat a hollow chocolate egg when you could chomp on a caramel-filled one instead?

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Coloradoans can’t resist a decorated Easter egg, and who can blame them?

Connecticut residents’ Easter baskets are stuffed with chocolate bunnies with care.

Love them or hate them, Peeps are everywhere when spring comes around.

Let’s hope those caramel eggs aren’t melting in the Florida sun.

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