THRIVE Goal Setting for Homemakers

Between the never-ending laundry, the constant snack requests, and the never-ending stream of “Mom, can you…?” it’s easy to feel like you’re just surviving, not thriving. But what if I told you that tucked away beneath the superhero cape you wear every day, there’s a woman with dreams waiting to be chased?

“Sometimes the most heroic thing you can do is carve out a moment for yourself. Because a fulfilled mama is a superhero mama.”


We all have those nagging whispers – the things we wished we’d started, the skills we’d love to learn, the goals we tucked away when life got busy. But how do we bridge the gap between that laundry list and living a life that truly feels fulfilling? The answer, my friend, is THRIVE Goal Setting.

It’s a little twist on the popular SMART goals, but it works. THRIVE stands for Time-bound, Healthy, Relevant, Inspiring, & Valuable. This way of goal setting can help homemakers go from just getting through the day to truly living and enjoying what you do. Here’s how we go about setting thrive goals.


The first step is setting realistic deadlines. We all dream of mastering French by next week, but let’s be honest, that’s a recipe for discouragement. Break down your goals into achievable chunks with specific timeframes. Maybe it’s signing up for a beginner’s online course and aiming to complete a module a week.


Remember, mama, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Factor in your well-being when setting goals. Maybe your goal is to finally prioritize your fitness. Start small – aim for a 20-minute walk three times a week. This goal supports your overall health, which in turn fuels your energy for everything else!


Your goals should reflect where you are in life right now. Don’t try to recreate your college backpacking adventure across Europe if you’re juggling toddlers. Set goals that excite you within the context of your current reality. Maybe it’s starting a blog to share your love of baking, or finally learning to play the guitar you received years ago.


Choose goals that make you light up! This isn’t about ticking boxes – it’s about igniting your inner spark. What accomplishment would make you feel proud and empowered? Maybe it’s finally launching that Etsy shop filled with your handmade crafts, or mastering a new yoga pose.


Think about the positive impact achieving your goal will have on your life. Does it allow you to express your creativity? Does it connect you with a new community? Does it bring you a sense of accomplishment? Knowing the “why” behind your goals will keep you motivated.

Forewarning, the road to achieving your dreams won’t be a straight line. There will be days when the laundry mountain seems insurmountable. But remember, even small steps forward are progress. Build your support system – find a friend who shares your goals, or join an online community for like-minded homemakers. Celebrate your milestones, no matter how small. And most importantly, never stop believing in the incredible woman you are, with dreams waiting to be chased. Now go forth and THRIVE!

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