Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

For the last ten years, I have been compiling and publishing curated articles that inspire simplicity. At first, it was an exercise in communicating to Becoming Minimalist readers the most popular articles I sent out on Twitter.

But over the years, it has become more than that. It has become a place where people come for a dose of inspiration. And it has become a place to promote and encourage writers around the world who are publishing content about minimalism, simplicity, and intentional living.

I think you will enjoy this collection of articles hand-selected for you this weekend. Grab some coffee, tea, or lemonade and be inspired to live a simpler life today.

3 Things Most People Get Wrong About Minimalism | Ronald Banks. To me, minimalism is more about attention than anything else. It’s a tool to assist you in promoting what you value. Once you understand this, recognizing what you may have gotten wrong about minimalism becomes increasingly evident.

Discipline is Underrated | Raptitude by David Cain. At some point discipline entirely fell out of favor.

Want a Tidy Home? Here are the 10 Things to Put Away Every Day | No Sidebar. There is a large number of items that could fit on this list, but we wanted to focus on simpler chores—items that (in most cases) can be put away in 2-3 minutes at the end of the day.

10 Essential Tips for Decluttering the Garage | Real Simple by Leslie Corona. The garage is a place to keep our vehicles—and things would be a lot easier if we just stopped there. But, for many, this ultimate utilitarian space is clutter’s final graveyard.

Defining Success Beyond Material Excess | Simple Money by Joshua Becker. When we endlessly chase more, we risk overlooking the riches we already hold.

How to Declutter an Outdoor Space With Joshua Becker | Karen Hugg. Decluttering a space helps to promote the purpose of a space. It helps to remove distraction from a space. And helps us see how little we need.

Recently Released Inspiring Videos

10 Reasons to Escape Excessive Consumerism | YouTube by Joshua Becker. I am trying to live a minimalist life. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t own stuff. But we have worked hard to escape excessive consumerism.

What if I Just Want to Live a Simple Life? | YouTube by Joshua Becker. We live in a world where aspirational living is presented to us everyday. Do you ever wonder if it’s okay to just want a simple life, free from the desires to chase the luxurious lifestyles presented to us by algorithms and media? Is it okay to not be ambitious? Let’s talk about that today.


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